Why eltee sydney?

10 reasons why our activewear, swimwear and period care essentials are perfect for active girls.

girls activewear stay up won't fall down lava tribe

1. won’t ride up or fall down.

It's hard to perform at your peak when you're yanking up your shorts or pulling your crop down.

We’re lucky to have two fit models at home but we also trial our designs on girls of all different ages and sizes to ensure we achieve a cut that stands up to their needs. We know that one of girls’ pet peeves with sportswear is when their shorts or leggings fall down or ride up, or when they're crop tops rolls up and moves around.

The combination of the fabrics and elastics we use, coupled with our carefully curated design process has resulted in a range of girls sports shorts and leggings that we can confidently say won’t ride up or fall down.

functional design for girls high performance activewear

2. All about expressing youthfulness and energy

Girls just want to have fun, right?

Our prints and colourways are all about expressing youthfulness and energy – with a healthy side serving of making mum a little jealous that it doesn’t come in her size... but there's a serious side to our design too.

By working in consultation with female athletes and sports-minded girls, Lava Tribe has become the go-to for top young female national and international athletes for our high-performance construction and functional design.

In the five years since we launched, the youth sportswear industry has boomed but Lava Tribe continues to stand out for our commitment continually evolving fabrics, fit and technical elements. 

extra coverage age conscious appropriate design girls activewear lava tribe


We also know that many tween and teen girls feel more confident when they’re clothing offers some coverage.

Our bottoms are higher on the waist and a mid-thigh bike length leg, and our crops are higher on the neck with a little extra length for coverage that more revealing fashion-inspired brands.

We've work hard to achieve the perfect balance between style and age consciousness.

As a brand we also resist any imagery, designs or associations that are or could be perceived as provocative, and we promote diversity and body confidence in our workplace and in our advertising. 

fabric benefits lava tribe girls activewear

4. stay cool and dry when the heat is on

Approaching puberty can be a tricky and tenuous time for girls, and a common reason why tween and teen girls ditch training or drop out of sport all together is embarrassment.

One of the causes of this embarrassment? Sweat. Incredibly, in a survey by Women In Sport, 48% of girls agreed that ‘getting sweaty is not feminine’.

We integrate sweat wicking properties into our fabrics to help girls stay cool and dry when the heat is on.

The primary criteria we consider when choosing fabric for our activewear is that there is nothing rough about it. It must be soft to the touch, feel like a hug to wear and give her the freedom to move however she wants to.

  • 5. NO RUB SEAMS:

    No one wants to wear be distracted by clothes that cause itching, chafing and irritation - especially young people. They wear them once and then they wind up in the back of their drawer forever more. Our range kids crops, topsshorts and leggings are all constructed using no-rub seams so they float against the skin.


    No one has time for delicate cycles or hand washing, so you’ll be glad to know there’s none of that to be found around here. Our girls active crop tops, sports shorts, leggings and tops are easy care machine washable (30°). The colours are pre-washed to check for colour bleeding, too.


    Is there anything worse than buying a piece of clothing that makes you feel ‘all that’, only to wash it and discover it’s really all scrap? Whether it’s that the piece has become dull or saggy, it’s a huge disappointment.

    When girls adds eltee gear to their wardrobe, she’s got a sporty essential that will look as good as it did when she first put it on, even when it’s done plenty of rounds in the washing machine and been hung out the dry more times than a dish cloth. Just avoid the clothes dryer – our gear isn't a big fan of those.


    We're dedicated to improving the lives of tweens and teens and helping to create their bright futures. That's why we take sustainability VERY seriously. We use compostable mailers and consciously limit our footprint in everything we do.

    We're also socially responsible. Our main factory is located in China’s Fujian Province. They are a participant of amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), ensures members have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices and monitors the social performance of their supply chain.

    We also regularly visit and inspect our supplier factories to oversee the production process.


    Kids are the future, and our job is to make their lives better.

    We don't produce cheap, mass-manufactured clothes--all of our garments are high-quality and built to last.

    Additionally, our fabrics keep their shape; they don’t pill, they wash and wear well, and they’re expertly constructed.

    They're the perfect hand-me-downs as they'll continue to be in great condition after being passed down multiple times.

  • 9. 100S OF RAVE REVIEWS ⬇️

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