Collection: Girls Sports Crop Tops

Doubled layered for a little support and a smooth silhouette. Sweat wicking and tangle-free designs that don't cut in or roll up. Sports crop tops and sports bras for girls. Sizes 4 - 16.

What makes a crop top perfect for pre-teen/tween and teen girls?

There are a few key factors that combine to create the ultimate tween and teen crop top or sports bra.

Firstly, look for a design with straps and a band that stays in place, as well as stretchy yet supportive fabric. When all of these elements are ticked off, you’ve got a crop top that will offer her a ‘barely there’ feel.

Our girls sports crop tops are designed specifically to provide next level comfort for girls and young women from age 4 - 16. They feature double layered fabric to create a smooth silhouette and the 90% poly/ 10% Spandex composition makes them stretchy and soft while also reducing bounce and staying firmly in place.

We make crop tops that support, stay put and offer coverage some other more revealing designs.

Why do girls wear sports bras or crop tops?

Crop tops are not only a great way to keep girls cool and free-moving during practice, training and competition, they’re also an effective way to mitigate a key factor in girls dropping out of sport – and that is breast development.

Early breast development can be sensitive, even before you factor in the bounce that can accompany the later tween and early teen years. In a 2016 Journal of Adolescent Health survey of more than 2,000 British girls aged 11 to 18, nearly three-quarters said their breasts got in the way of enjoying sports because of associated discomfort or bounciness.

Girls can also be sensitive about the changing shape of their nipples and can become embarrassed when they show through their tops. That's why all of our crop tops use a double layer of fabric - to smooth out the nipple line and zap all the awkward.

Can girls wear crop tops instead of training bras?

Absolutely! A crop top or sports bra is a terrific replacement for the traditional ‘starter’ or ‘training’ bra of the past.

Often girls resist these as they feel embarrassed. Her first crop top celebrates her sporty style, rather than her first training bra, which can feel to her like reaching what can often be an uncomfortable milestone.

Girls crops tops and sports bras are also helpful for tween and teen girls who go from school to training. They can wear their crop top under their uniform and easily change when they arrive to their after-school gymnastic, dance, running, soccer, tennis and other activities.

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How old should girls be when they start wearing crop tops?

While a younger girl might not need the support of a sports bra yet, it’s worth introducing them early before she gets embarrassed about it. 

With activewear becoming commonly accepted and frequently worn, and girls beginning to focus more on what their body can do rather than how it looks, girls are reaching for crop tops to stay cool during training and sporting activity. Paired with shorts or leggings, they're a functional and comfortable sportswear essential.

Our girls sports crop tops are designed runners, dancers, gymnasts, tennis players, soccer stars, lifters, skaters, boxers, yogi sun worshippers and every girl in between. Size range 4 - 16.