Collection: Girls Swimwear

Inch-perfect competitive one-piece for girls who came to swim. Period and Everyday options so she can master her metres any time of the month.

✅ Get ready to dive in with confidence! Our period swimwear is competition-approved under Swimming Australia's 'Inclusive Swimwear Policy'.

Girls! Get Ready to Dominate in the Pool?

What’s So Great About Your Competition Swimwear?

Our girls performance swimwear is made with a special nylon/spandex mix fabric that is crazy soft and 100% chlorine resistant.

It won't get bent out of shape after a few wears, so it will ace the test of time.

How Do You Ensure the Perfect Fit?

We don't use shrinking adult sizes for a token girls range - we use real girls to make sure our measurements and ratios are 100% spot on.

With fit models from girls size 8 through to 16, we make sure our measurements and ratios are spot on, so she can enjoy total freedom of movement without running the risk of any dragging excess fabric slowing down her stroke.

Is Your Swimwear Safe?

You betchya!

All of our performance swimwear has been tested for harmful substances and is certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® so rest assured, it's comfortable and safe.

Do You Have Period Options?

Yes! After all, we're all about keeping girls engaged in sport and we know (because girls told us) that swimmers are among the most inclined to ditch their training or drop out of training and competing all together.

We offer both Everyday and Period options in our girls swimwear range, so she'll stay in sync with her goals no matter what time of the month it is.