A Father's Mission: How a Central Coast dad built the go-to brand for tomorrow's female sports superstars

Picture this: Steve, is on the hunt for leggings for his daughter Poppy, a nine-year-old trail running football player with unstoppable energy and full-tilt determination. Spoiler alert – he's not looking for the clichéd pink or glittery variety. He's on the hunt for activewear that's technical, functional, can withstand Pop's love for pretty rough and tumble movement and that she's actually excited to wear.

Sounds reasonable, right? But as Steve and Pop scoured stores and websites, they couldn't find anything 'add to cart' worthy.

There are racks galore of basic 'pink it and shrink it' meh for a $$$ price tag, sequins and cheesy quotes and flimsy cotton in abundance... or booty shorts. 😳 

In a world bursting with activewear labels for women, girls were sadly left out in the athletic wear department. Steve's mind started to race with design ideas and before long, he was inspired enough to decide to step up. And so, with his marketer wife, Sarah, the unstoppable duo set out on a mission to become to go-to brand for female sports superstars of tomorrow.

Fast-forward to 2023, and they've built the brand that girls who love to move look to for their active gear, both here in Australia and beyond.

steve greenaway design director eltee sydneyMeet eltee sydney, the activewear brand built explicitly for girls like Poppy and designed by Steve (pictured left) from a little beach-side studio on the Central Coast, NSW and sold throughout Australia by sports and lifestyle stores, as well as marketplaces like The Iconic and Amazon.

But that's not all. Their journey led them to discover the impact of puberty on girls' sports participation. The mind boggling negative impacts girls face as they adjust to a monthly period is responsible for girls shunning or dropping out of sport at an average rate of nearly 64% (swimming was the most affected sport, with 67.6% dropping out, followed closely by gymnastics, dancing, and netball).

As a result, eltee sydney is not just about clothing. It's about keeping girls in the game, nurturing their potential, and making them realise that they can be just as determined and empowered as the female sporting stars they admire. Following events like the FIFA Women's World Cup, the Women's Ashes, and Wimbledon, a poll of 2,000 females aged 18-65 showed that 46% were inspired to engage in sports. 🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️⚽️

Why the fuss about keeping girls in sports?

Well, the truth is, the valuable life skills they can acquire through athleticism are paramount. Learning how to strategise, lead, negotiate, persevere, and overcome setbacks is crucial in moulding not just athletes, but successful individuals. And as we say hello to the next generation of female leaders, instilling this mindset is non-negotiable.


There's a future forming where every young woman can have the athletic gear and support she needs to dive headfirst into the world of sports and beyond - without fear, awkwardness, lack of access, inferior facilities or diminished options and WE COULD NOT BE MORE HERE FOR IT! 🌟 

steve poppy Cleo greenaway eltee sydney

(above: Cleo, Steve and Poppy with our studio pup, Harley)

eltee sydney marries style and substance, bringing something fresh and empowering to the table that resonates with today's young audience and keeps them game ready any time of the month.

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